Intel Shows 45nm Test Chips

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by law guy, Jan 25, 2006.

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    From today's CNET news - interesting and exciting for those of us who are watching the roadmap come to life:

    "The 45-nanometer process is right on time, according to Intel.

    The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant has created test chips made on the 45-nanometer process and will likely begin shipping processors, flash, and other chips based on that process in the second half of 2007, according to Mark Bohr, director of process architecture and integration at Intel."

    In other threads, I've posted links to the Tom's Hardware story on what the 45nm process will mean for Intel (and possibly Macs) - including 8 core processors.

    Also interesting re: implications for competition with AMD:

    "Intel has exploited its manufacturing expertise to turn back rival Advanced Micro Devices in the past. Right now, Intel is producing chips on the 65-nanometer process, while AMD won't come out with these chips until the second half. One of the big questions for 2006 is whether Intel's latest chips and the manufacturing advantage will blunt recent gains from AMD."

    And looking even farther down the road:

    "Intel is considering using immersion lithography for 32-nanometer chips, which will come out in 2009. According to Intel, Extreme Ultraviolet lithography (EUV) is "more likely for 22-nanometer" manufacturing, which starts in 2011."
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