Intel SSD 80 gigs in Hardware Raid 0 + Bootcamp...


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Aug 15, 2002

I am thinking of using two 80 gig Intel SSD's in my mac pro. I am a bootcamp user...

Should i put win 7 on one ssd and osxsl on another?
Or should I hardware Raid-0 them and partition the raid-0 in half for each os?

If raid-0... then what is most practical hardware raid card available?




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Jun 9, 2005
The drives are already so fast, I'm not so sure you need them in RAID-0... plus, the firmware issue could present itself. I'd just use one for each, rather than partitioning a RAID-0.


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Dec 19, 2004
From what I know. You will not be able to setup RAID 0 for both Windows and Mac.

Windows will only boot to RAID 0 with hardware RAID.

The only software RAID I know of for Windows is by making the disks dynamic. However, Windows can not boot off of dynamic disks nor can Mac OS X read dynamic disks.

The only way you could feasibly have RAID 0 for both is if you bought a hardware RAID card that has both Mac OS X and Windows drivers. Further that it is bootable in Mac Pro's. Highpoint makes a lot of these cards. Given the SSD's you would want either a PCI-e 2.0 x1 or PCI-e x8 cards as PCI-e 1.0 x1 only can handle 250MB/s. You would need to make sure the specific card you choose is Snow Leopard ready and that dual boot RAID 0 is supported.

You could do RAID 0 for Mac OS X though. Then with Windows use one for OS and apps and the other for data and virtual memory. Though I would use a platter based drive for data and virtual memory. For the large storage capacity.

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