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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by elektrobug, Oct 2, 2011.

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    I have been having a problem with the intel 320 SSD. I had one setup as the boot drive and after a while it started to have problem such as slowdown so bad that I had to restart from. I wrote if off to a corrupt OS and did not do anything about it as I was about to get a second SSD and make a RAID 0 out of them and reformat then. Got the RAID 0 setup and right away the same problems with spinning beach balls and severe slowdowns. All the firmware is the latest. I will try to break the RAID and install the OS on the new drive and see how it does. Maybe its the older SSD having a hardware problem. I will also try to secure erase the drives with SSD Toolbox and a Windows XP Live CD. Any other ideas? I know some other people were having issues with Intel SSD RAID 0 but this started with one drive. Also I did not do a Time machine restore but a complete fresh install to eliminate corrupt files as the culprit.
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    Sounds like you need to give enabling TRIM a try:

    SSDs that don't have garbage collection will slow down after a period of time if TRIM is not enabled.

    What version of Mac OS X are you running? To use Trim Enabler you should at the very least be running the latest version of Snow Leopard.
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    I am using Lion. I had TRIM enabled when I had the single drive but thats not it. The slowdowns were not caused by it. And when I say slowdowns I mean so slow that something must be corrupt. I would call it a hang but the mouse was still reacting and some of the menues would open but everything else would hang. If I tried to restart nothing would happen. At this point I am thinking its a faulty drive. I am currently using the new SSD as the maid non raid drive. If it going to work with no problems I will replace the older drive and write it off to a bad drive.
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    This Topic

    Is starting to crop up a lot, and its why (I guess) my Apple guru told me NOT to buy a third party SSD, but to (as she put it) "Wait a couple of months) Now I'm not saying the thrd party stuff is no good, what I can say with a certain amount of confidence is that TRIM (which is essential as posted above) isn't exactly working right with some of the new TP kit.

    I'll investigate further, but maybe we could (or a MOD could) put these threads in one place?

    I have a feeling we are going to hear more about this down the line. Instaed of an external I got the Superdrive for my Air....For now. She recommended it as the best on the go BU solution for now. I'm starting to see why. Keep us posted here, or if moved...err..there.
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    FWIW: I am running only Windows 7 on a 2010 Mac Mini with an Intel X25M-G2 80 Gb. Am using the Intel SSD toolbox. Have not experienced any problems, slowdowns etc.

    I've read before that there seem to be some problems with the Intel 320 series, have not delved deeply into it but it was sufficient (for me) to stay away from them. It may be that a software update has fixed it, don't know since I have not followed it.

    Similarly I do not think that TRIM in OS X is mature enough to work with every SSD and given Apple's business attitude I doubt that'll make it work for every SSD: I am sure Apples sees it as an opportunity to push their own "branded" SSD's at inflated prices.
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    I didn't get a chance to read through this but there is a thread on 320 slugishness on the Intel user forums.

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