Intel to start multi-crore project

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    BANGALORE: Looks like Intel's confidence in India remains high, despite its failure with Whitefield. The chip-maker is set to begin work on a new multi-core processor platform, a project that will be led by its Bangalore operations and which will utilise the staff that was working on the now abandoned Whitefield chip project.

    Intel Technology India director RK Amar Babu told The Times of India that the chip major took the decision last week. "More or less all the people in the Whitefield project will be reassigned to this," he said.

    TOI had reported in October that Intel had killed the Whitefield chip, a next generation Xeon processor for servers that drew its name from Bangalore's IT hotspot, Whitefield, and which was under development in this city for over three years.

    Intel had invested heavily in Bangalore for the project, both in infrastructure and people. Some 600 people were said to have been employed in the core hardware part of the project, and many more in associate areas.
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