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Jul 16, 2011
Hey all :)
Jailbroken iPhone 4 on iOS5 and I've got intelliscreen x (Yes I actually purchased it) and a bunch of other tweaks, in the past couple of days though my phone has been crashing a hellll of a lot? I *think* the problem is isx because it normally happens when i'm using that, I went into cydia to see if there was an update for it or anything but cydia can't find that package? :confused:
What should I do? I'm sick of respringing my phone every few minutes :/ But I don't wanna rejailbreak only to find out that I can't install isx again :s
Thanks in advance


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Aug 4, 2009
Had IntelliscreenX for over 2 weeks now.....

..and not had an issue.

as you, I have the Iphone4 5.0.1 and it hasn't missed a beat.

I would (one by one) remove the tweeks you've added after IntelliscreenX.

After each uninstall give your phone a good run out, say couple of hours and see how it goes from there.

See below from there website:

IntelliScreenX is crashing - please help!

We have done extensive testing with IntelliScreenX - however, because the jailbreak community works in shared processes, conflicts with other applications may occur.

We kindly ask you remove all other extensions for MobileSubstrate and only install IntelliScreenX to troubleshoot. If it crashes, we'd love a crash report and are VERY committed to fixing any crashes immediately.

If the problem occurs after installing another library, we will work with the developer of the other product to help resolve how to fix it.

We greatly appreciate your patience on helping resolve issues as they arise!

Known Conflicts

Currently, there is one known crash conflict, which is Barrel. Currently - the work around is to disable "Experimental FolderEnhancer Fix" in Barrel Settings under Preferences.

Might be a good idea to list what additional tweeks you've installed.



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Jul 16, 2011
OK this was my bad :3 was crashing because cydia was having some problems on my phone... Not entirely sure why but it was, it wouldn't find any repo at all, hard reset did the trick :)


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Jun 9, 2009
Mich near Detroit
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Edit your title (resolved) or similar or edit to say intelliscreenX was not the problem.


I'm having a problem with ISX crashing my phone when i'm getting a phone call. I uninstalled all my tweaks one at a time and it finally stopped when I took ISX off. Re-installed everying one at a time and it only started back up when I re-installed ISX so I'm pretty sure it's ISX. I can't figure out why though. Any suggestions?

FYI I've had it for a couple weeks, full paid version, and haven't really changed anything. Just started randomly. It's also only when receiving a call and the device is locked/sleeping. Doesn't happen if it's unlocked/screen on
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Well I'm not sure why but the conflict is between ISX and Clockify. They both work great as long as they aren't installed at the same time. I'm clueless.


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Aug 19, 2012
IntelliScreenX Crashing

Hi my IntelliScreenX keeps crashing every time I pull down my notification center.. Its ok and shows its initialising and all and I can access the settings but it crashes everytime I pull t down... I have uninstalled all my notifiction center widgets and even barrel as I was told it was giving issues.. What can I do :( Please help!
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