Interact with computer with speech?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by prophet621, Aug 28, 2005.

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    This may sound a bit weird but my daughter was watching a show and on it, the computer welcomed the girl user by name and even allowed for basic conversation. She though this was cool (she's 7) and wanted to know if I can get her PC and my ibook that she occasionally likes to use to do it.

    I found some software for PC that can accomplish this though I am still looking and haven't installed any yet. Is there something like this for the mac?

    I know Apple has basic speech capabilities built in OSX but it seems very limited.

    Some of the PC software I have looked at can be programmed to greet the user by name and other phrases like 'Good morning or afternoon' based on time of day. They also have the ability to learn things based on answers to the 'conversation' so they 'remember' things for next time. You can also tell them to add names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays..etc to thier bundled address book or third party app and remind you of things. I know this uses the MS Agent technology which isn't exactly up to date, I remember playing around with it many years ago.
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    You can turn speech recognition on on the Mac and set it to listen with either a key combination or a certain name. So if you call your Mac 'Rumplestiltskin' it would start listening whenever you said it.

    The Mac's built-in speech can switch applications and perform basic actions. It's very happy to tell you very bad knock knock jokes. Just turn on speech recognition and tell your Mac 'tell me a joke' I'm not sure it could have a sensible conversation with you though.

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