Interesting Apple TV 4th Gen Glitch

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Jumpman6, Oct 31, 2015.

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    Oct 26, 2010
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    So, loving the new Apple TV but I found something very interesting.

    So, I asked Siri to find "Kate Beckinsale" films and she pulled up all of her films. I chose UNDERWORLD and it showed that I have the ability to play the film but it also shows that it's available on Netflix and iTunes.

    What's interesting is that I bought this film off iTunes a long time ago but I have since deleted it, so it's not technically in my iTunes purchased section. It's in the hidden section. Even weirder, when I pushed play, it plays the theatrical cut of the film as it was released in 2003. iTunes doesn't carry that version of the film anymore. They have listed two versions of the film, theatrical and unrated but both films in iTunes have the exact running time of 2hrs and 13 minutes, which is the length of the underrated film.

    Even more strange is the fact that if I go to iTunes instead of push the play button, it shows that I have to purchase it...which makes since if it's not in my purchased section.

    The even stranger, more weird aspect of all of this is that I know it's not pulling it from Netflix because the theatrical cut that I'm playing now is different from the one on Netflix. The one of Netflix is slightly different in that the Sonya flashback sequences have been reedited to include the same sequence from UNDERWORLD RISE OF THE LYCANS, but it's been spliced into film as now the "new" flashback sequence that Michael experiences in the 3rd act.

    So, I tried this again with a couple of different films that I had purchased at one time but have since deleted and sure enough, it shows that I could play the film but if I choose "Open In iTunes", it shows that I either have to rent said film or buy said film.

    Is it possible that iTunes remembers pass purchases on this new Apple TV even if I don't have the film selected in my purchase section any longer?

    Sorry for the long explanation but I know this isn't right.
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    Jun 24, 2010
    This is exactly what happened to me on books I purchased. I bought 3 books that since then changed the distributor. If I went to iBook Store there will be a BUY button on those books' page instead of the "cloud" icon for download. Since I couldn't download them anymore, I contacted Apple. They said they can't send me a copy of those books since they're not in their system anymore. What's in the Store is the new version from new distributor. The old ones were lost, according to Apple rep.
    But lo and behold, when I did a clean install on my MBA later, the new and empty iBook app show those 3 lost books waiting for me with the "cloud" icon. When I click those icons, sure enough those books that Apple rep told me "wasn't in their system anymore" were downloaded to my MBA. Strange, right?
    I guess whatever you have purchased they will always be in your Purchased history waiting for you to re-download them again even if the Stores tell you otherwise.

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