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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by neteng101, Nov 8, 2010.

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    Perhaps Steve was being modest when he said "this is the future of Macbooks"...,2817,2372223,00.asp

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    Btw - I was at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC this weekend. Their iPhone app with the GPS guidance around the building was definitely a piece of augmented reality.

    I didn't even know the app existed but one of my friends had downloaded it and we used it to get around quickly.
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    From the linked article:

    This is EXACTLY what I've been saying. Apple has re-invented the netbook market with the 11" in particular. And perhaps the ultra-portable market with the 13" MBA. I keep getting all sorts of flack for referring to the 11" MBA as a "netbook" but it IS and it will now DEFINE the netbook market for 2010 and forwards. You can't compare Apple's product introductions to prior generations of competing products. That's not how they operate. They don't make "ThinkPad" rivals, they instead invent new market segments with slightly differentiated product, often using legacy technologies. They've done it before and they are doing it again.

    People who keep claiming that I'm denigrating their Mac Netbooks by calling them as such are stuck in 2007/2008 mindsets. Anyone who has been keeping up with the tech industry knows that the Netbook market, which has all but driven the PC and Windows growth for the past 3 years, has stagnated and reached a plateau. The iPad proved that the market was ready for a better netbook and the 11" MBA demonstrates that Apple's view of "Netbook" is expansive and encompasses new turf and capabilities that Asus and others could not.

    What you'll start seeing, and my guess is within months of this post, is a whole slew of 'premium netbooks' designed to compete with the 11" Air. And that's saying a LOT for a company like Apple that still holds a minority market share position of the PC market.
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    Flack! :D

    Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)

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