Interesting Article: Over 1/2 of Verizon Smartphone users will go iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by digitard, Feb 4, 2011.

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    It's an interesting thought. Sure with any test group you have a fairly large margin for error when comparing a small test group (700 random users) with a full customer base... but it does make you think more since they were a random group.

    I know, personally, quite a few Android users (myself included) who purchased Pre-Order (or will be picking up on release day) iPhones. I also know a few ATT users who are going Verizon for the improved voice (all 3 of my personal friends doing this are in area's locally where they already have to use microcells just to be usable at home).

    So what are your thoughts? If even 1/2 of that number holds it could be a much larger number for 2011 Verizon iPhone sales than anticipated.

    What I really want to know, on top of this, is how many already sold via pre-order since we know they sold a "record number". I could've sworn that one of the Android phones sold over a million on pre-order previously so if that was true then Verizon smashed ATT's 600k.

    Anyhow... just some interesting thoughts from it.

    **Note: I have nothing against ATT, etc. I just found this interesting. I'm w/ Verizon due to a large amount of dead spots in the Phx Metro area so that's the only reason I never went ATT. I need voice more than data in terms of constant use. I have wifi just about every major spot I go (home/work/etc).
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    One of the things that always bothers me about these studies is that what consumers say they intend to do is usually different than what they actually do.
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    True. Judging from past phone surveys, usually less than 1/3 actually end up doing whatever they picked as an answer at the time. Could be on the higher end this time.
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    Tip: Get a dumb phone for voice and use a personal computer (assuming you have one) since you have WiFi just about every major spot you go!

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