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    My wife/s iphone 3G has been giving us 2 years of faithful service now and suddenly the GPS is very inaccurate. So much so that Navigon's GPS accuracy is so bad it won't route and the Maps app is about a mile or more off. I've read all of the blogs and did everything possible to fix it. (yes, wifi is off, yes, we tried to get it to "find itself" for about 20 minutes in our back yard with the auto lock off, and yes, we reset location warnings and reset network settings). We talked to both applecare and went to the genius bar and they reset the phone and then we came home and synced it as a new iphone, not restoring from a backup in case that file was corrupted as well, and the problem still exists. Can a GPS just go bad in an iphone?
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    Did you just update the firmware? I did this with 3.0 and my wife's 3G GPS bit the dust. A long time back. There is plenty posted in Forums (including Apple's) about a problem with OS X 3.0..... and GPS. A lot of people think Apple broke it on certain iPhones wtth the firmware update. Apple won't admit it.
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    There have been other posts about how the GPS needs wifi on (not actually connected to wifi though) to work. It's weird.

    One of the expected broken things in the software, which can only be fixed by being jailbroke, is the locationd folder. Clearing that fixes some issues. Also, others have said that the software has the wrong 3G tower locations, which is why having wifi on fixes it, since the locations in wifi are correct. Who knows?
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    Yeah, Scootman1, the latest firmware update and that hasn't changed since the gps went bad on us. I've read too where Navigon accuracy was improved with the wifi on, but that's still questionable. I have a 3GS and if I'm standing in my backyard with an open view of the sky, Navigon will not find my coordinates with wifi on ....... so the jury's still out on that one.

    I just can't imagine what could be wrong with the phone other than the hardware since we basically reset the phone to brand new and then reactivated it and then synced the apps and the contact info, etc ....... unless one app is messing with the gps and then my guess would be that it probably would have been found out by now.
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    My 3g went nuts right around the time I installed 3.1.3

    In the end after reading for hours on end, restoring the phone multiple times. It started working after I reset the network setting in the phone...

    Go figure... :confused:

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