Interesting Observation about US and Japan iTunes Store on iPhone 4S.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by RocketRed, Feb 17, 2012.

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    Jan 25, 2012
    On my first iTunes account, I used the Hong Kong app store with my American Debit card and a Hong Kong billing address. After about 3 - 4 purchases (paid apps), my account was locked from making more purchases and I had to get it "unlocked" from a supervisor from iTunes support.

    So I made a new iTunes account and used the USA app store, because it has the most content and most apps than any other store. USA app store giftcards are also plentiful on the internet and even in Hong Kong Yahoo Auctions. There were many apps in the USA app store that doesn't exist in the Hong Kong app store. So logically the USA app store would be my main region for apps.

    *NOTE: I realize Hong Kong isn't in Japan, it's part of China. Now here's the main part of my story.

    I want to buy this rhythm game called "Taiko No Tatsujin+" on the Japanese app store. So I have to buy an iTunes gift card for the Japanese store right? I don't want to use my American debit card and a japanese address, or my account will be locked up again.

    So I purchase a 3000 yen gift card, use the dummy address that the seller provided and i successfully download "Taiko No Tatsujin+" without any trouble. The app is free itself, but the in-app purchases for more songs are 6.99 USD each (not sure how much yen that is).

    Interesting how the prices for the IAP for a Japanese app is shown in USD and not yen.

    So once I have the app installed, I navigate my way to the IAP page and download all 18 IAP (which is 6.99 each).

    Now here's the interesting part: the 3000 yen gift card that I bought solely for the IAP doesn't get deducted. My American debit card does (I checked when I switched back to the USA app store and clicked on the billing part. And my iTunes account doesn't get locked from making more purchases.

    Oh and ever since Apple made it so one iTunes account can access different region fo stores, instead of having to make a completely new account, it really makes downloading IAP a lot easier. No need to sign in and sign out. Just retype password on iPhone.

    Time to check out some exclusive Japanese apps and make work of that 3000 yen.
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    May 1, 2007
    I tried to download something similar. I want to download Jubeat music pack with my US account.
    The IAP does show the US currency. However, when I click buy now, it says "You must purchase the app that this item is for before you can purchase the item".
    So it seems it doesn't work in my case.. :eek:

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