Interesting Wacom+iPod Touch reaction

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Geek 2.0, Sep 23, 2008.

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    Mar 28, 2007
    while working on my computer, I set my ipod touch (2nd gen) on my wacom (pen tablet, for the uneducated), and then starting using my computer as normal (I use my wacom as my mouse), but my cursor wouldn't move. After some investigating, i realized it was because my ipod was sitting on my wacom! turns out, when i moved the ipod around on the wacom, it moved the cursor like a mouse! but instead of working in "pen mode", where the cursor is always in the spot relative to the pen on the tablet (example: pen is in the top left corner, cursor has to be in the top left corner also) it worked in "mouse mode", where picking up the ipod and moving it somewhere else on the tablet didn't change the cursors position. it moved relative to the bottom left corner of the ipod (i think) and made the cursor very shaky. sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. it didn't click at all, except some of the times where it went crazy and the cursor was jumping randomly all over the place, switching spaces and such. my guess is that all this happened because the wacom and the ipod use similar touch detection methods. i know for a fact that the wacom uses electromagnetic resonance, although i'm not exactly sure what that means (the internet failed me for once). Anyone know how the ipod touch/iphone multitouch works?
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    oddly enough, I discovered this same thing yesterday with my Touch and Wacom Bamboo tablet.
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    :eek: creepy... any way we can make an app out of this and make a wacom mouse out of an ipod touch?

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