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    So I'll share my experience. Had and IPAD 2 which came to a fatal end along with my Iphone. My son urged me to go Samsung Galaxy S. Besides that was latest greatest thing out. I jump full in, tossing my apple charge cords and loaded up on Samsung stuff. I was impressed at the size and features. It was snappy and fun to learn new apps. Downloaded tons of apps and did the case search thing. Battery life was outstanding due to a neat "Ultra Power" mode which turn off many non primary features. This would allow six to eight days of minimal use.
    Although the Sammy had the same apps my IPAD it just didn't work as smooth as my IPAD. Even a common app like Faceboard looked different. Hard to explain that the latest best Samsung product did not knock my socks off like when I transitioned from Windows to IOS. One feature I enjoyed was being able to install a 64MB micro SD; Yeah! But I found I didn't need that much space anyway. Also the IR Blaster and integration with my Samsung Smart TV is awesome.

    But as time moved on I strangely discovered that I didn't use my tablet much anymore. I was annoyed that I would always mistakenly hit the back key or power off key so those keys are right where I hold the tablet (I am a Portrait User 100%). I spent hours recording my fingerprint and it Never Ever Worked consistently. I enjoyed the keyboard having a more 101 style and the swipe feature. But again it just didn't work for me all the time. The Samsung size IS bigger 10.5 but again its one of those strange things where Bigger Isn't better. The IPAD fits my hand and viewing style perfect. And don't get me started on syncing with my rMBP!

    So I dump it and came back to what I Enjoy, Use and Love. I'm back to more use and productivity. By the way I had to get a new one for the wife to smooth thing over about spending all that extra money during Christmas Sales time.

    Make no mistake the IPAD isn't perfect and Apple does some pretty childish things to lock in control of what you can do. But in the end I don't want to fiddle with my tablet, I want to just use it seamlessly and not worry about needing to tweaking or rooting the device. If you have any Sammy Envy you can play with one at BB all I can say is for me and my family (except for the Son) IPAD works for me!.
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    I think it's the aspect ratio. The iPad being 4:3 is just better suited as an all round device. I have an iPad air and a galaxy tab pro 10.1. After I got my tab pro I lent my iPad to my cousin whilst she went travelling around Australia. The tab pro is a nice tablet but due to the wide screen aspect ratio I found myself doing little more than watching videos on it. The lack of tablet optomised apps probably contributed to this as well. In comparison I generally use my air for web browsing, gaming, reading comics and magazines, reading the news etc. I've now got my air back and I've gone back to using it as I did before.
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    I think it's partially that people hold onto tablets a lot longer. People will switch phones more often sometimes simply because theirs was lost or broken.

    Also, there just aren't that many Samsung tablet owners by comparison to Samsung phone owners. So the pool of "switchees" is smaller.
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    Personally, I think the locked down OS is actually better for some. I would rather just have a device that works. That is more important to me then anything else.

    I have been using iOS since it was called "iPhone OS" and was version 3. Since then, I have seen the OS mature quite a bit and take on a lot of jailbreak tweaks I thought were cool and actually build them into the OS. For instance, home screen wallpapers and Control Center.

    The only thing I still wish iOS had, the one thing, is a file browser. Not for going in and playing with config files, no. I just want to be able to store PDF files directly on the device without having to use a 3rd party app.
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    At work recently we trialled tablets for our executives; some were given iPads and some got Samsung Galaxy tabs (I forget the exact model). I was expecting to have to fight to get the iPads adopted as the Samsung's were cheaper and a lot easier for our IT dept to fiddle with, but actually it was a rout on Apple's part. The performance of the Samsung's was absolutely embarrassing with a litany of bugs and issues, including bizarre things like paid-for apps from the Google App Store being basically unusable due to weird incompatibilities with those particular tablets (bearing in mind these are some of the most "popular" android tablets and this was one of the few tablet optimised apps available).

    The iPads were head and shoulders above and there was simply no contest - everyone who had one wanted to keep it, and everyone with a Samsung complained bitterly until they eventually got to swap.
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    I have a Samsung tab s 8.4 which I find compliments my Air 2 quite well. I like having the option to use Android and iOS. The iPad is definitely a smoother experience though.
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    iBooks handles off files and technically it isn't a third party app

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