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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by gavinstubbs09, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Hi everyone!

    I have been talking with some friends about doing a studio, and I am the one that looks like I'll have all the equipment. To start off I want to get some Rokit 5 monitors along with things like input for electric guitars and microphones. What I'm stuck on is a Audio Interface. I would like one that would be rack mountable and possibly FireWire, but I have no idea how I can get this kind of interface for less than $100 (I just am in a super tight budget and just want to make some room with Audio stuff). I have looked around a bit and have like no knowledge on Audio related stuff so maybe someone has advice for me!

    What I'd Like:
    Rack Mountable
    minimum of 2 XLR outputs
    minimum of 2x 3.5mm Input
    No more than $150
    Works with OS X!

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    You are going to find almost -no- interfaces that have XLR "OUTS".

    Even if you were to find one, the cost (even used) will exceed your budget.

    You are going to find very few interfaces that have BOTH firewire AND usb.

    Again, those you find will exceed your budget (even if buying used)

    You are going to have to "reduce" your expectations and requirements....
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    That is a totally unrealistic price... But here s what you can do

    Why buy expensive Rokit monitors? Get some passive bookshelf speakers like Polk Audio R150 for $75 a pair. Then head down the Thrift store and get a stereo receiver for $35.

    Take the $150 you just saved and buy maybe a Presonus "Audio Box" for $150.
    It has two inputs that will work for a guitar or mic and outputs to drive the stereo speakers. Take the $100 you budget for the audio interface and spend it on a pair of AGK K240 studio headphones and do most of your work using these. they are MUCH better then those 5" Rokit monitors. Listen on the Polk spears too, they are good enough, as good as the Rokits for your use.

    Wile using this setup look get used gear. Guitar Centr many times ha the best deals on used recording gear. But even used $100 is unrealistic for a 8 or 16 input rack mount fire wire interface from a brand you've heard of.

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