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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by one finger john, May 15, 2015.

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    Aug 31, 2012
    O.K. I have a 2001 Digital Audio g4, with upgraded processor, 1.5 ram, two 500 g 7200 hard drives, and an external 500 gig hard drive from OWC.

    How can I inexpensively add on an interior closed circuit camera to monitor a room when I am gone? Needs to be recording to one of the hard drives. External preferable.

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    I can't speak to software, but an external iSight can be picked up from eBay for less than $30 now.

    The iSight is Firewire and because it's designed by Apple for the Mac the resource hit is minimal compared to other cams.
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    Aug 31, 2012
    Interesting, but can it record to one of the hard drives and be played back? Basically I want to hid it in the room to record illegal entries while I am gone.
  4. poiihy, May 15, 2015
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    Interesting. I would like to know too. Even better, is there any software that only records when it sees motion? That would save a lot of disk space.


    I know in Quicktime 10 you can record a Movie right from the camera. I don't know if you can do that in Quicktime 7.

    There has to be some software that records video from cameras. Photo booth would but I wouldn't like using Photo booth.
    Maybe VLC would?

    OH I just found an article about this:

    OH here's a page of webcam software that may be very useful:
    And video software:


    Oh, iMovie would record video directly from a camera. Try iMovie!


    Here's a free and simple redorder:
  5. A.Goldberg, May 15, 2015
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    Security system camera systems can be had for pretty cheap these days. A four camera system with DVR can be had for under $200, and now even less than $100 in some cases. You may be better off with that system.

    Security Spy is one possible program, with older versions available for older macs. I'm not sure what the camera compatibility is.

    It appears to have all important security camera software functions (or at least the newest version), like recording only if motion is detected and programming alerts. (For example, if motion is detected during a certain time it will send you an email).

    Due to a home invasion/attempted robbery that occurred 3 years ago at 3:00AM when I was home alone (parents, siblings, & dog were on vacation), my parents installed security cameras. The police were unable to apprehend or identify the criminals. They now have 10 exterior cameras covering all entranceways, garages, driveway, and pool. It's a bit much if you ask me, but I will say it did make me feel safer after the trauma of a home invasion. We had a security system, but was not armed because I was home.

    The system they use has it's own DVR that actually has pretty decent software. It has a 20" LCD for viewing but the video can also be accessed over the local network (or remotely if set up). They can be set to record motion only and programmed to send email alerts. This seems to be pretty standard with even with the cheap models now. The price goes up for higher quality cameras, power over ethernet cameras (less wiring, especially if your house has ethernet), more storage space, etc.


    I have a suspicion that after hours of recording, iMovie would get bogged down and freeze. I remember recording VHS tapes to iMovie back in the day using a analogue to firewire digital converted on 800mhz-1ghz iMac G4s. After sometime it would get bogged down. The best method was to do it in chunks. iMovie may have improved since then though.
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    Jan 31, 2015
    This might be more cameras than you need (4 vs 1), but between the cost of a camera and decent software, this isn't much more money...

    $100 -

    $129 -

    $139 -

    $159 -

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