Intermittent iPhone Ringer Switch Problem

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by ryan42, Jan 15, 2008.

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    My iPhone's ringer switch, when on vibrate, occasionally thinks it isn't and then it is and it goes back and forth thinking it's on ring or vibrate even though the switch's physical location is on Vibrate. It just sits there vibrating for a while and you can see the bell and the bell with the slash on the screen until it stops. It's extremely annoying when it's in your pocket and it gets brushed the wrong way and it does this.

    My phone has a few obvious bangups... nothing major though, but there's a few scratches, a big series of dings on the back on the upper left corner by the camera where it was dropped on concrete, and two dents in the back where I walked into a table with it in my pocket. Because of these little problems and because it's so intermittent that the ringer switch glitches (it's near impossible to force it to glitch) I'm thinking it'll be hard to get it replaced by Apple or they'll want to send it off. Does anyone know how successful attempts are to get a phone replaced in store "no questions asked" or based on unverifiable testimony? I can't just keep trying to bring it in because the nearest store is 60 miles away.
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    I am having the exact same problem. It just started this morning when my phone rang in class, regardless of being switched to vibrate. After looking to see if it had switched to ring on accident I noticed similar activity. Anyone know anything more about this? Did apple replace your phone no problem?
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    i think there is a post about this somewhere

    people have had different experiences with getting their phones replaced if they have dents or dings in it...unfortunately, it kind of depends on the store and/or the genius you get when you bring it in. someone recommended not going in there with an attitude and perhaps even flirting with the genius if you feel so inclined.

    whatever you do, i wish you the forums and you will get some more tips because there are posts regarding this type of situation.

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