Internal hard drive gone!


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May 22, 2012
I have a Mac book pro, it randomly booted up this morning with a file and a question mark. I popped in the install disk and got to disk utility, but the hard drive wasn't in the left side bar. I then was just going to reinstall the software but i had no place to but it when it asked me where to place it. So I took my back up and backed it up to another external drive. Now it will run off of that but my mac hd still wont show anywhere! dose this mean it is totally screwed? if so can I get any info that was on it, because my back up is from about a month ago.


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May 3, 2011
Open up your MBP and check the drive is seated corrected with the cable firmly attached. If it and the issue remains then take the drive out and place in a usb enclosure and see if you can access it okay. If so then it means there is likely a disk controller failure or the sata cable is damaged. If you can access your drive through the enclosure then you will at least have your latest data secure.
If you can't access the drive through the enclosure then it is likely the drive that has failed. Did you have any issues before this happened i.e.any weird noises or clicking from the MBP or stuttering file access i.e. apps taking a while to load or movies/music not playing back smoothly?
Either way, if this is in warranty I would return to an Apple store.
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