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Jan 1, 2011
i have a macbook pro thats a few years old (2008) and im not gonna go into details but there is now a VERY small and SHALLOW dent on the surface to the left of the trackpad

When the dent was made the computer was on and it suddenly slowed down, i restarted the computer and heard the hard drive trying to mount (clicking noises) after about a minute it succeeded and loaded my home screen

i tried to back up my drive with time machine but when it started loading the computer just gave me the pinwheel forever, so i restarted again and now the hard drive will not even mount!

So since i know apple would never lift a finger to back up my information, IS IT AT ALL POSSIBLE TO GET MY INFO OFF OF THIS DRIVE?!


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Jun 23, 2011
If the drive booted after the initial damage to the macbook, then it may be possible to recover your files.
The Time Machine backup probably failed because of disk errors. I would use Disk Warrior to try and recover your files.

If you just want the data off the HD; you'll need another computer, 1 external USB HD enclosure & Disk Warrior
  • Put old HD in USB external enclosure
  • Use the other computer to run Disk Warrior to recover as many files as possible from the old external HD.
  • Choose the Preview disk option and these files will be placed in a virtual drive on the desktop of the computer.
  • Copy the files you want from the Preview drive to another folder or another drive to save them.

If you want all your settings and installed programs; you'll need another computer, 2 external USB HD enclosures, 1 new HD, Super Duper & Disk Warrior
  • Put the old HD into an external USB enclosure
  • Use the other computer to do the recovery with Disk Warrior and mount a Preview drive containing all the files it was able to recover
  • Use Super Duper to clone the Preview drive to a new HD in the second external HD enclosure
  • You should be able to boot from the cloned drive in your old computer
  • Do a Time Machine backup
  • Then wipe the cloned drive, do a fresh OSX install and then restore rom the Time Machine backup.
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