Internal hdd problems, bootcamp partition only one that mounts

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by BinfordsTool, Oct 4, 2009.

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    Feb 24, 2009
    One day after arriving again in Krakow, Poland, where (if you browse the apple website) there is no authorized service center, the HDD on my lovely new MBP 17 inch decided to pull a mean stunt. While talking to my sister on adium, it froze. I did a hard restart. It never got past the grey screen. Safe mode didn't work, could still boot to win 7 on bootcamp, ran disk utility off my SL disk. Disk utility found errors, tried to repair, but said failed the first time. Restarted, couldn't get into windows 7 again. Went back into disk utility, tried repairing, got very far, but it was stuck on "updating boot support partitions" for 5 hours and I foolishly halted it. Since then the drive fails to mount at all. Disk warrior tells me the hardware is damaged on the OSX partition (Spent 100 bucks to get the middle finger from a computer program...). Disk Rescue II tells me it can't do anything. I bought a usb drive, installed OSX onto that, mac runs fine, but my data still can't be rescued. I have a backup thats en route to me in the mail from early june, but there is only one thing missing- an iWeb website I worked on for my company 2 weeks ago. Its already live, but I'm going to need to be updating it I'm sure.

    Currently I've let disk utility run for 24 hours now. It is still on "Updating boot support partitions." Is that a good thing? How long should I let it go before calling the coroner?

    Also, windows 7 booted again yesterday morning, than it froze and now I get bluescreens. I'm pretty certain this is a hardware error, but for some reason I can still mount the bootcamp partition. Just can't mount the damn partition I need. Grrrrrr.

    Your help is appreciated and may be rewarded with superkarma and (if you get me data back) I will send you cookies. No, seriously, real edible cookies.
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    Sorry, you've already covered everything I would have suggested. I think it's time to throw in the towel. I would consider the repair process to be stalled after 15 minutes, never mind 24 hours.

    It could be that the drive will work perfectly after a complete format, but I'm concerned that its failure may (as you suspect) be a result of a hardware fault. Be prepared for it to fail on you again.
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    Thanks for the response, friday was major damage control and most of my suggestions came from MRoogling... I was optimistic by the number of people who had good responses with diskwarrior, only to have my hope crushed like a tiny insignificant bug.

    I wound up buying an acer apsire one to do my mobile stuff on, not bad of a little computer (minus running windows xp). Then the macbook is all based on an external drive, so it's essentially going to be a desktop pc until december 14th.

    After that I'm going to take it to a genius, get the hd replaced, put in an 256 GB corsair SSD, and use an old enclosure I have as my time machine backup drive or something.

    I'm going to give disk utility until my time machine backup arrives. I had thought from reading that disk utility is based on progress... i.e. if it can't do something it just tells you it failed? Maybe I'm wrong? Any other utilities that could somehow force it to mount... i only need one stinking file (for the iweb domain)... grrrr
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