International SMS Appears while locked, can only "Dismiss," then disappears.

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  1. shimbone macrumors newbie

    Nov 12, 2008
    My girlfriend has been in the Peace Corps in Niger since July 9. I got my iPhone July 11. There has been a very strange series of events leading up to now, her text messages do not come to the normal SMS inbox in the iPhone.

    At first, everything seemed to be fine. I would receive text messages from her occasionally -- sometimes strangely split into two messages, separated by upside-down question marks.

    Then, around September 12, her SMS messages stopped coming through to me altogether. They said they were delivered on her phone, but they never arrived on my iPhone. AT&T claimed not to know anything. Everyone else (Sweden, U.S., Niger) could receive text messages from her -- just not me.

    NOW -- starting about 2 weeks ago -- I started receiving her messages again, but this time in a really strange way. If I get a message (at least some appear to come through), the message appears as white text on a black screen with a big green "Dismiss" button at the bottom. This happens while the phone is locked, after I press the button on the top of the iPhone. I can't do anything except "Dismiss" or turn the screen off. After I dismiss, THEN it asks me to "slide to unlock." At this point, all record of the message is gone.

    Help! -- Any ideas? Solutions? Anyone submit this as a bug? The number is a Niger cell phone.

    This seems to be someone else who had this issue at least once:

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    First, I would have to ask if any of your friends have iphones. If they do, try and see if they can accept text messages from her. The iPhone has a different sms then many other phones and processes things differently. For example, MMS not being supported. It is very possible that the encoding of the Niger cell phone is not accepted by the iphone. If you do test with other people's iphone's and find the same thing consider calling apple or jailbreaking your phone. There are several jailbreak apps that deal with the sms issues of the iphone, for example iReal SMS and Swirly MMS. Hope this helps.
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    Apr 22, 2005
    It's a Flash SMS. The iPhone supports them and this is how they are displayed.

    "A Flash SMS appears directly on the phone's screen, instead of the 'Inbox'. Its an useful alternative to normal SMS when you want to catch the recipients attention immediately.

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