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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by hotrod351, Sep 12, 2013.

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    ill be on the road and understand that linking my macbook pro to my cell phone is the way to go for internet access. ive looked at plans that offer 500mb and up but i really dont know what i exactly need in speeds. ofcourse the providers are going to tell me i need which ever they can make the most money at. suggestions, just for surfing the web. best deal seems to be T-mobile. thinking them plus a iphone 5.
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    Depending on where you're traveling, you also need to check cell coverage. Not all providers are going to have the same coverage in the same areas and simply going with the cheapest may also end up providing the worst coverage.

    For speed, any 4G service will be more than enough...if it's offered where you're going to be traveling.

    For how much data...that all depends on your usage. Only you will know that, but you could always start out with the cheap plan and monitor your usage for a couple of days, then extrapolate that out to usage per month to know if you'll have enough data or if you need to buy more.
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    Streaming videos and audio can use up data pretty quick. Surfing web sites with video or ad content can use up data.

    Otherwise 2GB should be OK for a month. I doubt 500MB will last unless you are using cell only a couple times a week to catch up and using free wifi hot spots otherwise (like most McDonalds).

    Check coverage area for where you are traveling, and whether the plan allows domestic roaming where your carrier does not have coverage.

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