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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by WSU-Architect, Aug 25, 2009.

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    I am a trying to get my Mac Pro online on my school's wireless network. Due to my own idiocy I DO NOT have an internal airport card. I have been getting on my home wireless network using an Airport Express connected to that network, connected to my computer with a Ethernet cable. The schools wireless is 802.1x secured. My airport detects the network, but the only connection that shows up in the network connections is that of the Ethernet. I cannot enter my information to certify on the wireless connection over 802.1x, only on the Ethernet, which doesn't work. Is there any way to rectify this problem and certify my credentials on the Airport, then use the Ethernet cable to get online.

    I do not have any Apple stores nearby and self installing an internal airport card is not an option. I have included a link to the schools wireless set-up for Mac if it helps.
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    You'll need to use Airport Utility (which should be in your /Applications/Utilities/ folder) to configure your Airport Express. I don't have one on me so I can't tell you exactly what to click in there but that's where you'll need to configure things.

    Upon further review I'm not even certain that you'll be able to do this with an Airport Express but I'm pretty sure that if you *can* do it, it'd be via the Airport Utility. Your computer is connecting to your Airport Express via ethernet and you need to get your Airport Express on your schools network basically.
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    I have accessed the airport utility and attempted to configure the network, but was unable to enter any authetication information/establish the wireless network it was detecting as a 802.1x network w/PEAP. My friend has a Macbook Pro laptop, I was thinking that I could connect the airport onto the network from her computer and assign it the authetication credentials from there, but really have no idea if its possible.

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