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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by zeus1170, Feb 17, 2005.

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    Feb 17, 2005
    I recently changed to a Mac G5 running OSX from a Windows machine.This is my home computer.I have a laptop running Windows home.I have setup a wireless router.The Mac is connected via Ethernet Cable and the Laptop via wireless.My question is the Mac connects automatically when the machine boots I would like to be able to connect it manually when I choose say via an icon or via connect on the task bar how do I set this up.Thanks.
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    You are connected to a router. I see no reason why you would want to do this. Ethernet is not ment to be connected on demand, it is designed to be always on.

    If you insist on doing this, look under Networking in the system preferances. You can turn off ports. I don't know of an easyer way though, as I said, ethernet is ment to be auto detecting.
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    Well, most people want the automation of getting online, I guess you don't. You will need to state before shutting your computer down to go to network off mode with what I provide below. What you can do this by setting up two locations in your network preferences. One for network on, one for off. Steps bellow.

    1) Open up System Preferences (big with Apple with light switch on the dock) -> Network.

    2) In "Location" choose "New Location" from the drop down menu, Name it "Off" or something to signify that you don't want your computer to be on then net.

    3) Then under "Show" choose "Network Port Config" from the drop down menu. Make sure you uncheck all the ports, then Click Apply now.

    4) Close System Preference window. Click the Apple in the top left, go to "Location", there should be your two locations. One being Automatic, the other being Off. Anytime you want to take your computer off line, change the location to Off. Anytime you want to go online, change your location to Auto. NOTE: To keep your computer from booting up and going right online, choose Off before you shutdown.
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    Feb 17, 2005
    Internet Connection

    Thats done the trick.Thanks

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