Internet Dropout is Killing ME!!!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by noodle654, Feb 29, 2008.

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    I really need help. PLEASE!!!!!

    Ok, I am using a Linksys WRT300N router. It works great...when it works.

    For the past 3 days I have been having issues. My MBP does not connect for more than 5 minutes and the speed is REALLY SLOW. I have assigned my MBP an IP address because it keeps assigning a funky IP. Done.

    My 360. For some reason, I cant stay on, and it is also very slow. Now, my room in about 40ft away from the router. My brothers MB stays connected, my dads PC stays connected, and my MacMini stays connected fine. What is causing this. I am really all out of ideas.

    My phones run on a 5.6GHz Frequency. My microwave isnt on now.

    My Linksys settings are:

    Network Mode: Mixed
    SSID: Flott
    Radio Band: Auto
    Wide Channel: Auto
    Standard Channel: Auto
    SSID Broadcast: On

    What am I doing wrong??
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    Feb 13, 2008
    Try changing your Linksys channel broadcast to channel 11 or 1, usually it is on 6 by deafult. Then, check the IP address it is dynamically assigning your MBP. if it starts with 169.254....then it is an IP address assigned by your laptop, not the router. It only happens when your laptop cannot receive a reply message from the DHCP client on your router. If this is happening and your other computers are fine then it has to be the Macbook. It most likely is a weak connection within the Wireless adapter inside your MBP. Could be the adapter itself, could be the cable connection to the adapter. You can check the cable connection on your adapter but only if your are comfortable with opening your MBP. It requires a bit of surgery. If it is still under Apple warranty, make an appointment with the store. That is your best bet so you aren't obligated to anything that happens in the repair process.

    Good luck!
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    That didnt help.

    I have a question. The room next to the router has 4 washer/dryers which are made out of metal. Could this be affecting it? I am really puzzled and I am about to go buy a new router. Linksys is no help with macs. My Airport is fine, it works at my school, Apple store, anywhere...but my house.

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