internet drops every time I use Youtube

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    I have reset all OS X network and Airport settings and I'm still getting almost virtually no Youtube performance. I have to wait for my AEBS to reset every 5-10 minutes before I can watch YT again. Really insane. I can watch it maybe for a few minutes then I lose internet.

    I've called my ISP (Shaw Canada) and they said everything is fine with my modem etc. They said they don't throttle or block YT and torrent ports/clients either. Oddly enough, regular surfing is fine.

    I don't know what else to do. It's the smaller newer flat Airport Express with the latest firmware. I don't think the AEBS is the problem. I can't test just for ethernet because rMBP doesn't have ethernet.

    *Important note. When I tether to my iPhone on the Rogers network Youtube and internet is fine. So my home ISP says they aren't doing anything but who knows. Also Youtube was fine until a few months ago.

    Should I try upgrading to a plan with a higher download rate?
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    Go to and make sure html5 is enabled.
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    Hi yes, of course it is. Problem is ISP related I think.

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