Internet fine on all comps but iMac

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    I have 2 macbooks and an iMac connected wirelessly to a Linksys router that's in turn connected to a modem. The macbooks are fine, but the iMac, for some reason, gets into trouble once every couple of days or so. It seems to be random, at least from my point of view. All of a sudden webpages are not loading. Things like skype chat work, and simple pages like might load, but that's about it. Meanwhile, the macbooks work just fine and dandy.

    The issue seems to resolve when I restart the modem and router. But a day or two later, or sometimes twice in the same day, it comes back.

    So, network experts, what gives? How can I find the culprit and fix it?

    I'm on 10.6, by the way.
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    Jun 11, 2007
    And right now, for example, Facebook, hotmail, and macrumors load finel, but bbc news,, and most other websites are having trouble opening up. I just tried to open BBC and it directs me to, when I get a "Oops! This page appears broken. DNS Error - Server cannot be found" error.

    Edit: 3 minutes later, it's loading but very slowly.

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