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    I have a Verizon wireless router with wireless internet service. I think my router is a few years behind the new model. Anyways, everyday around the same time my internet continuously drops. on my Xbox and PC computer the internet just seems very slow. On my iPad and iPhone, however, i look in the top corner and the wifi symbol keeps flashing on and off. I don't think anyone is stealing my internet... Should i call Verizon and ask for a new router or try to hookup a NetGear? If so what would this cost?
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    Did you try cycling the power on the router?

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    Mar 5, 2011
    Southern California, USA
    Many times.
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    Verizon stuffs

    As I have never used them for internet service, you have not said what type of security you are using for your connection. Or more to a point if you are in an apartment or home. This is kinda important to the point that if you are using WEP in an apartment complex and it is happening the same time everyday?
    You might have someone that has compromised your network and is using your bandwidth.

    On the other hand a huge issue I have had with Comcast since I have relocated from Alaska to California is IP switching. At first it was a random thing, but with long nights of video editing projects and website management with evernote and a few other programs it has become problematic. So I might be way off base, but either way a few things to think about in the trouble shooting mix.


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