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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by February1088, May 20, 2010.

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    Feb 21, 2010
    Hi, my internet has been lagging really bad recently. Webpages open slow, games lag badly and sometimes it just doesn't work. I took the online speed test and my d/l speed was perfectly fine at 17 mbps but my upload speed was horrid and almost nonexistent at 0.10 about. I called Charter Internet support and they said nothing was wrong from their end. I know this is not a mac-related help post but this was the only tech forum I could think of.

    I restarted modem/router, used wired internet instead of wireless, and checked if people in my house are downloading anything (they aren't)

    I'm really upset, I think it might be a possible malware killing my speeds, but would I need to check for malware on ALL the computers in my house or just this one? Is there a way to check if my modem has been affected just using this computer?

    Anyway I got a hijackthis log for you guys:

    If someone could help me out, I would appreciate it
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    You should add a print screen of your Activity Monitor (I think it has the same name as a Mac) and show processes by CPU %.

    One of the advantages of having Windows, is that you can just go to an old system restore point. Pick one from before you noticed this and restore the computer.

    You might have a virus. Hopefully, you’ve checked it.

    You only need to worry about this computer.

    Run Spybot or Adaware for malware and spyware.

    A good free virus checker is Avast.

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