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Discussion in 'macOS' started by dwd3885, Mar 16, 2009.

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    Hey guys I have a problem. On my macbook pro unibody, the internet with Safari and Firefox is very very slow, sometimes not working at all. It's connected wireless, but my two other computers (windows 7 and Vista, both wireless) browse the internet just fine and pages load up instantly. But EVEN on my MBP, my speed tests are around 5meg when I am able to go to the site. So I know it's nothing with my router/isp.

    So what the heck is wrong with my OSX? Somtimes I'll get a page, sometimes not, mostly it just takes minutes to load a page on either safari or firefox. I restored via time machine backup to last week, I thought before I had the problem, but the problem still exists.

    I might just install OSX from scratch if there's no good ideas for help on this. Anyone?
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    Apparently you're not alone.

    Lots of suggestions there. You might be best just to start running through them and see if anything helps.
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    Thanks. I'll look through them.
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    Dec 10, 2004
    no go on any of that. i'm going to just reinstall osx
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    Probably have better luck changing the cat liter.
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    Well I reinstalled OSX from scratch and the problem still exists after one day. The DNS I'm using are open dns. I really cannot pinpoint the problem. I went hardwired to my router and it seemed to work fine for a bit.

    I tried another router we have and that router was crappy to begin with so it didn't work (different problem though).

    Should I just get a new router? If so, I'm looking at the new AirPort Extreme or the D-Link Xtreme.
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    I'm having a similar problem.


    Multiple computers (PC and mac) on a wireless network with a cable modem + router combined unit (brand or model not printed on the device) provided by the cable company (Charter). A 4 year old PC running XP with maybe 512k ram loads the web pages great but my <2 year old blackbook (2 gigs ram) has all of a sudden been dragging BAD while loading pages. It might take a minute or two to load a page or it may not load at all.

    I've tried:

    1. Restarting my computer
    2. Restarting the modem
    3. Contacting the cable company CS to see if there are issues in my area (I followed their directions and ran a speedtest on the PC and on my mac...I got the same speed but of course it took a while to load the page on the mac)

    At first I thought it was an issue with the internet service, but the issue is on my machine only. The router appears to be working fine, as the PC still has a great connection. Could something have changed, like through a software update, that hurt my compatibility with the router?

    Snow Leopard is due to arrive this Friday...I'm hoping this will help.

    Other details:

    4. Am using DHCP on the problem blackbook
    5. No gaming or file-sharing going on
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    This is so frustrating. I have this issue as well...Safari and Firefox in OSX is unbearable.

    Ok, this is going to blow your mind...and I would highly suggest trying this if you can. I also use boot camp for Windows XP.

    When I re-boot into XP and use firefox the internet is freaking fast...every page is fully loaded in a snap! WTF!? Its the same hardware (obviously) but why is it so much slower on the OSX side...thats what I don't get.

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