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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by bruinsrme, Dec 19, 2011.

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    I was shopping for a new tv and noticed that when I use google, yahoo or other shopping search site the prices vary from device to device to OS.

    For instance:
    My sons phone is an ip4 with 5.01. I ask my son to look up how much a panasonic P55VT30 is.
    Using google shopping he pulls a price of $2000 at best buy.
    My phone ip4 running 4.3.3 pulls a price of $2150 go home and I search on my ipad and come up with a price of $2150 My PC running ie8 pulls a price of $2150 but with firefox its $2000


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    Best buy had the best price.

    Amazon didn't seem to have a lot of options for this tv
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    I don't know if they quote different prices from device to device, but rather they track the price they've previously quoted whoever was using that same computer/iphone/ you a cookie would allow them to track the price they gave you last time
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    It's called "dynamic pricing". The price they gave you is based on browsing history, and what the site believes you'll be able to afford. They're basically trailing your path through the internet. :eek:

    If you use another browser that you don't use often, the site will just give you the "generic" price, as you have no search history.

    Back in the day (think 2004 or 2005), Crucial RAM that was purchased directly from the Crucial/Micron website had prices determined this way, and the best way to solve it was to delete cookies (and possibly cache.....not too sure). You can also switch browsers to another one that you never use. ;)

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