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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Bubbasteve, Jul 2, 2005.

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    Hey, let me just warn you all now that this may be pretty lengthy.

    So I switched my friend Pat from PC to Mac after showing off the wonders of Tiger. I also sold him on the iSight and Airport express. Here is his situation. He has broadband internet and he was having trouble getting his iBook connected to the internet via built in Ethernet (he would have to use the built in Ethernet until he bought a seperate router for his PC. So after an hour of screwing around with everything trying to figure out why it wouldn't connect to the internet I realized all I had to do was unplug/replug the power to the modem. Now after feeling like a complete computer whiz after I loaded up the internet I was shot back to reality when the only page I could go on was this download page. I guess the deal was that I had to download an installer or whatever. Once the download completed I tried opening it but I remembered that Tiger isn't pre-installed with Stuff-it expander. Now back to the download web page. I guess that that screen will be the only accesible web page for about a day and then it will let your computer roam the internet freely (or so says my cousin that has the same broadband internet provider). So I told my friend that he needs to get a router so I can split the broadband into the PC and one into the airport express which will then be read by the iBook.... okay I'm sorry if this post is near impossible to comprehend but it's 1:16 in the morning and this was bugging me.

    Here is what the situation I think is

    [PC Laptop]
    [Broadband Modem]----[Router]<
    [Airport] -> iBook

    Okay above is what I would imagine would be the diagram of the end setup: The Broadband Modem will be plugged into the Router which one port will go directly to the PC Laptop while the other will go directly to the Airport express which will be picked up by the iBook.

    [UPDATE] After reading my post I realized that my diagram didn't make sense...with the "pictures"
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    I don't see the need for a router. The AirPort Express will kinda act as a router. Just plug the cable modem into the AirPort Express and let the iBook pick it up. It has basically the same features as a regular AirPort Extreme Base Station. The AirPort Express has all the security features of a regular base station (WEP, Mac Address Filtering, NAT Firewall, 128-bit encryption, etc...)

    For the PC laptop, just get a PCMCIA (aka PC Card) Wireless Card if wireless isn't built into the PC laptop.

    There shouldn't be any drivers needed if going through ethernet directly to the AirPort Express.

    The AirPort Express will support Macs and PCs without any problems.

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