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Jul 16, 2016
So I have a mac book pro 13'' mid 2012, I tried restoring the mac because I am selling it. If I turn it on its shows a flashing folder constantly. So after holding cmd + r on boot it launches straight into internet recovery, I choose my my wifi and enter the password. After a couple of seconds the globe freezes and nothing else happens. I have tried this a million times now with no luck. I hear from some other threads that they got it working by changing dns settings or something? I cant access any setting in the mac because it either freezes on launch and cmd + r launches it straight into internet recovery which just freezes
please help me!

I think the last os was mavericks.


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Jan 19, 2015
Oregon, USA
I agree with waw74. Use another Mac to download the full Mavericks installer from the Purchased tab of the App Store app, then make a USB installer. If you don't have access to another Mac then a Mavericks USB installer can be purchased from Amazon or eBay.

One other detail, Internet Recovery will only install the OS your MBP shipped with. If your 13" MBP is a Mid 2012 then it would be Lion (10.7) or if it is a Late 2012 then it would be Mountain Lion (10.8).

EDIT: I have also read of people taking a USB thumb drive to an Apple store and asking them to put the installer on it. I would call them and discuss it before making the trip.
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