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Feb 7, 2008
I really need some help...

I decided to restore my iMac. Gone through the process of doing Command + R, erasing the drive and then go into the process of downloading Lion.

My problem is this, towards the end, it stops downloading and then jumps up to roughly 2 hours remaining (when just before it was about 20 minutes).

There is no Internet activity when this happens.

I have tried it approximately 20 times now. Left it overnight to find it stuck still.

What can I do? Why is it doing this? At the moment I have no iMac :(

I have no friends I can get a disc from :(


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Oct 9, 2008
Do you have an old Snow Leopard disk which you could boot to?
Not an option if the OP's iMac shipped with Lion.

@LewisB - If you've been trying to reinstall over Wi-Fi, connect to your router or modem over Ethernet and try with that interface instead. If you continue to have issues, consider bringing the computer to an Apple Retail Store or Apple Service Provider and using their internet to complete the installation. You can then take the computer back home and migrate from your backup or copy the files over manually.


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Jul 24, 2011
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Can you do Option+Command+R instead to boot from the Internet instead of the Recovery partition and erase the hard disk in Disk Utility before starting? I wonder if it could be a hard disk issue...

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