Internet recovery on blank hard drive

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Tech198, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Hi all.

    Is Internet Recovery like OEM ?? In that, its tied to the machine, and is like your tyical Recovery Partition on PC's? That is, it takes your machine back to when it came from from?

    Eg. I'm trying to figue out when i do this, will i get OS X 10.8 or eailer since my Mac is 2012, and i'll be abole to, only then, upgrade to Mavericks within the OS.

    Also what about iPhoto? Will i be able to get that free uograde ? Or will i have to buy it?

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    Internet Recovery (command-option-r boot) will give you the OS version the machine came from the factory with. When you start recovery Apple's servers will see your serial number and from that give you the correct, original OS version.

    You machine should have come with a free version of iPhoto you could "claim" from the App Store under your AppleID. Look in the App Store under your purchases and you should see iPhoto and all the iLife apps listed there. If you do see them there you will be able to logon to the App Store after you reinstall the OS and download them free.

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