Internet sharing heartaches and mysteries

Discussion in 'macOS' started by absolutmp5, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Aug 12, 2004
    I have had a problem with wifi routers in my house. For the last 7 months i have lost three routers due to some unusual slow deterioration of the routers signal over a gradual period of time. So with this frustration i decided to use my dad's imac which has leopard as a wifi router. This solution was working fine however numerous problems were showing up. One would be the connection going up and down in signal strength, or my MPB would not be able to connect to the wifi and have a internet connection if i awoke it from sleep. Eventually there would be a signal but no internet being carried on it. So i decided to downgrade back to tiger for both my machines. My imac would be archived and install tiger while my MPB would get a clean install of tiger.

    This solved the problems for a few weeks and my wifi was back to its glory. However the same problems are coming back up again. to note i have tried using my mpb now as a wifi router with internet sharing and it works well, since my iphone is able to connect to it, however the imac is not. Is it possible that the imac is getting flaky because of the old leopard info due to the archive install option i went with. Is there something wrong with my Imac that has a connection to the death of my old wifi routers. Do i have ghosts?
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    I've had all sorts of random problems with wifi on leopard, including the stuff you are talking about.

    Reading the apple discussion boards I came to the conclusion that leopard wifi is broken and waiting for a fix in the next software update.

    These issues started with the release of 10.4.10 so that's maybe why you still have problems after downgrading to tiger.

    I hope 10.5.2 is going to patch wifi behavior, it's such a basic thing, it drives me crazy.

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