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Feb 26, 2012
Michigan/Ohio, USA
So I have a really unique situation and I'm hoping you guys can help.

First a little background. I'm deployed right now, and although I do have access to wifi internet, the provider limits it to one MAC address per plan. They charge extra for more than 1 device (ie: an iPad). So to get by that, I bought an Apple Airport Express, connected it to my MBP with an ethernet cable, and use my MBP to share its wifi with the Airport Express over the ethernet cable. This allows me to share my internet with my iPad and iPhone, and so far its great.

However, now I installed Win8 via bootcamp, and I cannot for the life of me get the same luxury on the Windows side. Setting it up on the Mac side had its hurdles but overall it was pretty easy. The setup on the Windows side is completely different and doesn't seem to be working. I did manage to get the Airport Express light to stay green, leading me to believe that I got the thing working. However, my iPad isn't receiving any data, even though it shows connected to the Airport Express.

Can anyone help me figure this out? I have some games on the Windows side that I want to play, but I still want to keep in touch with family and friends on iMessage.


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Mar 30, 2006
First of all, thank you for your service and happy 4th.

All versions of Windows have built-in ICS, but it can sometimes be tricky to configure. When I was travelling for a couple of months with my MBA, ICS was no good for me because there was no Ethernet and I didn't have a 2nd wifi card or dongle.

So I picked up this great little piece of software called Connectify, which easily lets you take your wifi and share it out via the same adapter, creating your own little hotspot. My girlfriend's phone and my ipad were able to feed off this easily. You might have an easier time with this and you won't need to bother with the extra hardware.

Good luck,
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