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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by fluidedge, Feb 28, 2009.

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    Hi i'm trying to setup a mini wifi hotspot in my shoe box of a bedroom. I have a mac pro, iBook and iPhone and i can't seem to get either the iBook or iPhone to connect to an "Airport Internet sharing" connection. :(

    I thought it might be the thick aluminium box hampering the signal but i'm literally about 6ft from the MP tower and really shouldn't have problems from that range should i?

    I have had it working before but the signal was incredibly weak and just dropped off all together some of the time.

    I've had major problems with Wifi on this machine before (browse my contributions to the When The Hell are Apple going to Fix Wireless in Leopard" thread. So i'm now suspicious it might be a dodgy airport card.

    Is it possible to take the Airport Card from my 4 year old iBook and put it in my Jan 08 MP as a test to see if it is that or are they completely different cards?

    Any help appreciated!
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    Don't you have a wireless router, as the AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme?
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