Internet works great on my Macbook. Doesn't on my iMac. Help, please?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by mattcube64, May 20, 2007.

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    May 21, 2006
    Okay, I've had my Macbook since last summer, and have had no problems connecting to my wireless network with it from all around my house. I have a 2Wire DSL wireless router/modem from AT&T SBC Yahoo DSL, 6MB/down, 1MB/up. My Macbook keeps a strong wireless connection, as does my PSP and DS. My wired consoles run perfectly fine.

    My mom bought a Core Duo iMac a while back, and it's always had slooooooow internet via Airport. I tried using Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Camino. All ran RIDICULOUSLY slow. Downloads from sites like IGN were coming in at around 10k/seconds. There are often times connection timeouts and whatnot.

    I had heard some iMacs had Airport problems. So, I eventually hooked up a Nyko Net Extender. This device is pretty much a wireless extension cable for the ethernet out. You plug one of the devices to the computer's ethernet port, and it sends an RF signal to the receiving box connected to your modem. It worked perfectly fine for me back in the day before I had a real network and just needed my Xbox to get on Live for Halo. Still, though, the internet runs almost as slow.

    When I eventually connected the computer directly to the modem, it ran a little quicker. But it is still nowehere near where it should be. I'm lost.

    Why is the internet so slow? Granted, the iMac still has the 512MB of RAM. Which I know is a very, very small amount, and the absolute minimum the computer needs. Nevertheless, my mom just dropped a lot of money for this nice, new computer, and the internet is running slower than our old Dell, by a large margin. What's the deal?
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    Well, there are two ways in which it can be slow. Only one of which has anything to do with your RAM. If you click on a link, does the browser go to the new site immediately and then load images/text very slowly, or does it reach the site itself slowly (like saying "loading" for a long time). If it's the first, then your problem could be too little RAM. If the second, then you have a slow connection. Select "use interference robustness" (in Airport) and see if that helps. Try moving the computer closer to your wireless modem to see if that's a problem (maybe the iMac antenna is weak or defective, or there is an obstacle).
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    512mb of ram is enough to run the internet, i've had imac g3's w/256mb downloading at 300k/sec. It must be a configuration problem. Plug it in to the ethernet and make sure there is no proxy set or that there isn't anything funky looking in the network config in system preferences. The problem has to be there in the set up
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    Jan 31, 2004
    I see you've tried connecting it directly to the modem as well.

    Perhaps an expert can tell you some more from a more detailed output. I'm not one by any means, but it might be handy for you to post the output of the following command run in a terminal :

    It should give you a detailed overview of all your network interfaces and how they are configured. Try to compare it to the output given by your macbook to see if they are the same or not.

    What has happened to me once was that the frame size of the data packets was set too large for my router -> ie the data I sent through was chopped into packets that were to big for my router to digest, so it would reject each packet with a message back to my computer, and then the pc would need to chop the packet up into smaller packets and resend those again. A friend of mine told me what to reset in order to fix it.
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    Jul 7, 2006
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    i have a really shoddy wireless card in my imac too. it usually shows up the neighbors networks and not ours. when it does show ours it usually doesn't connect or it connects, but you can't access internet

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