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Jul 10, 2010
Hello everyone,
I have a interview coming up at my local Apple Store and I was hoping for some tips (dos, don'ts) experience etc. Applying for Expert.
Has anyone here worked for or working for Apple?

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 21, 2010
you probably already did that, but make sure you only use apple products when you can (ex: email address @me/icloud on resume, phone number connected to a facetime account, use an iPhone, etc etc). it gives a big plus
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Sep 23, 2005
If it's a group interview, be assertive and talk a lot, but encourage others to speak up as well.

They'll probably show you an iPad ad, then ask what it was about. They don't want you to say it was about iPads.

Wear a button up and nice jeans, anything besides running shoes are good as well.


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May 6, 2015
Dress casual but not overly casual. You know what I mean. Like in between casual and formal friendly.
You'll be interviewed within a group.
They will ask questions in group and answer inside the group. Remember to pay attention to every member of your group because you'll be asked to introduce them and they'll introduce you. Like where you're from, if you're new in the city and the things you like and motivate you and why you're pursuing a career with apple.
They will show you videos of several stores around the world and he work ethic with the employees like the Apple University and everything at Apple's campus and so on.
They'll ask why are you qualified for the job so be thorough, don't use too many words and again, as effective but don't try to over shine the group.
There will be a little bit of everything thrown in to you and the group as a whole. They'll ask you even how do you interact outside on social media. One answer. You DONT. Having a YT account or a forum account is a big NO NO or at least it was when I worked there. You don't discuss apple or "work" per se with anyone and if they see you're there to potentially share anything you see online, you will be turned down. Seen it MANY times.
Again, maybe I'm wrong since times have changed but I'm talking about the Apple when Steve was still CEO.
Bare in mind after the interview is over, it could be 2 weeks or a month before you hear again from anyone.
Don't call them if you haven't. They don't like that.
If you're one of the top and potential employees, if they like you, you'll get an email to come in for a second interview with just the general Manager of the store. After that, it can be another 2-3 weeks before you get another email either turning you down for the position you applied for, or an invitation to join team apple with an offer for a job which you'll have some time to accept or turn down. If you accept you'll have to sign a non disclosure agreement that what you'll see in as an employee will never be discussed outside the workplace and so on. See, being an apple employee has its perks but it also has its downs so you will have to give up a lot of your freedoms to work there. It's awesome to work at apple. Actually one of the best jobs and depending the position you can earn anywhere from $13 to $25 an hour. There again it depends on your job description. As a business manager for the short time I did there I got payed $25. So it's not bad. However the other things kind of threw me off the wall. Being a YT personality even if not famous, I couldn't get on YT, back then Facebook and Twitter where a big no no but there again maybe with Tim things might have gotten better since now everyone is on FB.
Also, you'll get a good discount but not on everything if you get hired.
But also keep in mind that if you do get hired, like a member of the team, during the workshops you'll be asked to lead, present, welcome and talk to potential employees. You'll be expected to talk and take lead many times.
It is a very great experience but if you want to go more in depth with what kind of questions they will ask, here are actually some of them.
They will ask you about everything but some of this questions I believe are still the same today so if you have an upcoming workshop and you want to do your best, study these and come up with the most awesome but truthful answer you can.
Other than that, good luck and if they don't hire you, it's okay. You can try again in a few months.


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Jul 30, 2015
St Petersburg, FL
Hello everyone,
I have a interview coming up at my local Apple Store and I was hoping for some tips (dos, don'ts) experience etc. Applying for Expert.
Has anyone here worked for or working for Apple?

Thanks in advance.
How did it wind up going? I just recently applied at the local apple stores in my area and was looking to get a feel for the experience.
Thank you to all those above for your feedback!
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