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    Interview process for ____? I'm assuming at home advisor since that seems to be the new hotness around these parts.

    For what it's worth this was my experience when I was hired in as Genius several years ago...

    1. Submit resume through online portal
    2. Got a call about a week later asking me to come in for an interview
    3. Arrived at interview at the retail store, met the store manager, an assistant manager and the lead Genius. We walked down to the foodcourt and grabbed a table. I was asked about technical experience (I was currently at an AASP), empathy, how to handle customer objections, how to find ways to say "Yes", work ethic, knowledge of Apple, etc. They left me with a short technical aptitude quiz (What does DNS stand for? An iMac won't power on, what do you try first? etc) that I filled out and returned to them 10 minutes later.
    4. Got the call from the store manager about a week after the interview with a job offer to start about two weeks later.
    5. Started, flew out to training a few months later and loved the job for a few years.

    It's worth noting that I had two friends (both ex-coworkers) that were currently at Apple. They had both said to dress casually (not sloppy) for the interview, so I wore my regular "nice" jeans, an untucked (but not long) polo shirt and sneakers. Later found out that the lead said "We're hiring that guy" as soon as they left me alone to take the aptitude quiz. The deciding factors were that I didn't show up in a suit or dressed for an office job, I seemed to know my stuff and was a genuine Apple enthusiast and I had a cheerful but sincere disposition.

    I think the big things are remember to ask questions, be excited, share personal stories, etc.
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    What happens if i can't get a question right? oh no.

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