Interview with Tomlinson Holman from 2009

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    Holman has done “audio direction” for Apple since 2011. Which was the year Apple “started to create a centralized and expanded audio and acoustics team” (

    HomePod project began around 2012.

    He was listed as the inventor on a patent Apple filed Sep 13, 2014 for “Directivity optimized sound reproduction” ( (Which has apparently been referenced 11 times in subsequent patent filings by Sonos ( Who released their Trueplay calibration system in 2015.)

    Discussed here after it was published (

    Also, posted here ( by me.

    He created THX sound (manual room corrrection—I think) for movie theaters while working at Lucasfilm. (Says “THX” stands for “Tomlinson Holman crossover,” THX 1138 a fortuitous coincidence.)

    He says he came up with the term “5.1.”

    He cofounded Audyssey Laboratories, which makes the audio calibration technology ( that powers The Wirecutter’s current pick for AV receiver (, in 2002. (Also, be sure to check out the eVR far field voice technology they’re advertising on their website (

    He was an advocate for left and right front height channels (popularized by Dolby as “Dolby Atmos” in 2012). And possibly using two subwoofers (one for each octave, 20-40 and 40-80Hz—I think).

    Toward the end of the podcast he talks about incorporating psychoacoustics into audio designs with digital signal processing. The “r/audiophile” review of HomePod by “u/WinterCharm” says Apple is using “Fletcher–Munson curves,” (a psychoacoustic finding of loudness perception) as part of its calibration process (
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    Really interesting to read and hear about
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    “Audio’s Circle of Confusion” (

    Came across this article, also from 2009, from Sean Olive, an “Acoustics Research Fellow” at Harman International (now a division of Samsung).

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