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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by KidSensation, Jul 12, 2010.

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    (If you're not in the mood, please skip the long intro, right down to the "QUESTIONS")


    Visiting this forum for the first time as a new iPhone 4 owner which is my 4th Apple product to date (have only owned 3 iPod Classics). I’ve been using PDA’s since the HP Jornada series back in the late 90’s (running Windows CE). After years of Windows Mobile PDA’s and Blackberry’s, I got my first real Smartphone which was the HTC HD2 back in March. Loved it but Windows Mobile has died.

    Got my hands on the HTC Evo about a month ago and fell in love with Android. I still have both the HD2 and Evo but I’ve ported my number to the iPhone 4 32GB as my only activated mobile phone right now. I love so much about the Evo and Android in general such as: The large screen is a joy to work with and even though I don’t have the time to play games or watch films on the go; the screen has been amazing for both. The size of the Evo feels right to in my hands or pockets (I’m a slim 6’1 guy with mid-large skinny hands).

    After just a few days with the iPhone I do love its keyboard and it does perform better than the HTC Evo stock keyboard, however Swype on my Evo has been the best touch keyboard experience I’ve ever had and much faster than anything I’ve ever seen. The speech to text features on the Evo is pretty amazing coming from Windows Mobile and I already miss all of that.

    So why did I get an iPhone 4 if I love the Evo so much? Well my Evo (like many others) had an issue with the glue that holds the top glass down. I waited weeks for a replacement but the supply has been very limited and so I decided to look elsewhere. Also my reasoning stems from the fact that even though the Android market is growing very quickly; there are still a lot of good apps missing and some that just don’t look as nice as on the iPhone.

    My killer app is called ListPro and for both business and personal use, I cannot live without it. For years I've used it on my desktop and Windows Mobile devices and now I am looking forward to it coming out on iOS, sometime this year with full support for syncing with my Windows desktop ListPro. Another reason for trying out the iPhone is that I got tired of the sluggish nature of Windows Mobile and all the fixing I had to do to keep things running right, after all my tweaks.

    Well it turns out that Android has started to present me with some of the same old things I hated about Windows Mobile. Regardless, I still very much like the Evo and Android. But I’m a very busy young man and will only become more so down the road and I just don’t have the time to spend on Android like I used to do with Windows Mobile.

    So I decided to take the iPhone for a test drive because I have always heard about just how easy it all is and how things just work. I’m not as tech savvy as many on forums such as this but I did learn Windows Mobile well enough to flash my HD2 and do a lot of tweaking. I’m having a hard time though, learning to do all the same on Android as I just barely made it through rooting my Evo.

    So far with the iPhone, I am LOVING selecting apps and allows iTunes to just install them all automatically upon connecting, which is worlds better than what I was used to with Windows Mobile and my over 130 apps installed on my HD2. The much smaller screen on the iPhone is a real letdown for someone like me who is used to devices with screens of 4 inches or greater since 2004 (PDA’s and then the HD2 and Evo). I thought the lack of a removable battery was going to be a deal breaker for me as well (coming from always having 2 spare batteries around for other devices). But from what I hear, the iPhone 4 should give me much better battery life than the Evo. Furthermore, I found a nice small battery pack on Amazon that gives 400% power and can charge the iPhone, all in the size of an iPhone so that takes care of wilderness trips and such.

    So if I can just get over the smaller screen, I just might end up keeping the iPhone. Yes of course the screen is currently the best looking, but the size is something difficult to deal with (almost like going from a 50” TV to a much smaller size). I can see how a smaller device like the iPhone is perfect for people who are smaller and or have smaller hands. But it is taking some real getting used to as I feel as if I'm holding a device more boyish rather than manly for lack of a better description. Please take no offence by that last sentence as I'm well aware of how touchy some folks can be over anything having to do with gadgets they like/love or are otherwise passionate about........

    Okay well, below I have some questions that I hope some of you kinds folks here can help me find answers to. I’ve done a lot of searching other forums and Google, but this is my first visit to this site. So please don’t flip out if I’m asking questions that have already been addressed here.


    1. Is it possible to have anything other than rows of icons on the home screen? Perhaps Widgets or calendar information? I’m so used to being able to add many different elements to home screens, which makes this a letdown. The icons are great but it would be nice to see other things there as well.

    2. Can the slide to unlock the device feature be disabled? The way I use and carry my devices, means that I never worry about accidently operating the device.

    3. Is it possible to select a custom timeout time for the security password feature? I have always used 30, 45 or 60min but I do not see the option to timeout (lock the device) at 30min which has always been the perfect amount of time for me.

    4. Can icons such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth be added to the home screen? I remember people complaining about having to do too many clicks in Windows Mobile, in order to turn on something like Bluetooth. From start, as far as I can see, iOS is just the same.

    5. I researched this one and was shocked that jail breaking appears to be the only solution; is it possible to add custom tones for things like SMS MMS, voicemail and email? I understand that a lot of what Apple does is for stability. However, this one just seems like nothing more than pure control. I don’t like the half dozen tones they give us and would like to choose my own.

    6. While browsing photo’s on my phone (both shot on camera and uploaded via iTunes) I noticed that there didn’t appear to be a way to view the photo info (file size, res, etc.), nor a way to rename my photos. Furthermore, unless I missed something, there doesn’t seem to be a way to move images around from folder to folder, nor a way to create new folders.

    7. Is there a way (Jail broken or not), to explore files and folders just as you would on Windows/ Windows Mobile?

    8. I have a Jawbone 2 and a Plantronics Discovery 975 which both work very well on other devices. But with my iPhone there is a lot of interference. Is this a known issue for these headsets or the phone itself?

    My list will probably grow larger and larger as I get to know this phone but for now I would very much appreciate any help you folks might be able to offer up.

    Thanks for your time!
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    Nope. You might be able to this if you Jailbreak the device.


    Don't think so.


    It's only possible to do it if you Jailbreak the phone.

    Don't think you can do that.

    You aren't allowed to access the iPhone file system. You can connect the iPhone to a computer and browse photos or videos (that you have recorded/taken).
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    Looks like you want to jailbreak your phone just to get most of the things you want :rolleyes:

    As nearly all of your questions cannot be done straight of the box.
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    #5 that was disappointing :rolleyes:
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    Thank you guys! I guess I'll just have to wait for the jail breaking to happen on the iPhone 4. Even though I'm missing a lot of features, this is still a very nice device........
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    In Settings, it looks like you can set the "Slide to Unlock" feature to Never.
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    Thanks but I already tried that. Looks like all it does is stop the device from locking while the screen is still on?

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