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    :apple:Phone Trace 4:
    New function of Version 2.0
    ★★★If target has phone number, you can get it's location through phone number!!! The format should be: country code + phone number, such as: 112345678★★★

    Soft introduction:
    ★★★ When your iPhone device is lost or stolen, do you want to know its real-time location or its new mobile number for contacting to the person who has got it? ★★★ When you children or old parents become separated in big market or when traveling,do you want to find them more easier through his/her mobile phone? ★★★ Phone Trace is a helpful application for keep touch with your iPhone device. Through this application, you can: A. Obtain your current location. B. Connect to another iPhone device(Through IP address which you can get from email sent by the target iPhone device), and view its real-time location, send some commands to the remote device also. C. When your iPhone has been lost or stolen, it will send Email/SMS/voice call to another mobile phone within one minute after powered on(If you have set the Setting of "AutoRun When Boot" to ON, this app will auto run when location changed after power on)/SIM changed(Provider changed )/location changed or periodic report according to the pre-settings on it,you can get target IP address from email or SMS, and you can get new targe mobile number from SMS or voice call.

    Wonderful app - iKnown

    Price discount on Valentines Day - iKnown

    ★★★ With this app, you can ask your questions to all persons who has installed this app!
    ★★★ With this app, you can make voice call to your friends,and will be free of charge!
    ★★★ With this app, your iPad can make voice chat with iPhone!
    ★★★ With this app, you can chat with your friends any time!
    ★★★ With this app, you can broadcast your advertisements to who has installed this app!

    ★★★ This app is a realtime communicate app, it can send informations to all who has installed this app or certain person! And more, you can make voice call to your friends who has installed this app, this kind of voice call not same as normal cell call, so it's free of charge, even the called party is in WiFi network, but the caller should be in GPRS/3G network(Or the caller party is in the same WiFi network as called party).
    The detail functions as following:
    1. You can send messages to all persons who has installed this app!
    2. You can make voice call to another iPhone/iPad who has installed this app,and will be free of charge!Only a few IP flows(About 360K per minute). The called side can be in WiFi network, but the caller side should be in the cover of GPRS/3G network, or, the caller side and the called side are in the cover of same WiFi network.
    3. Your iPad can make voice calls through this app.when voice call made, if one side is iPad, there will be echo, you my take earphone to reduce echo on iPad side!

    Another App: AccountKeeper:

    ★★★Forever free for network backup and restore!!!

    ★★★Flexible template customize as you wish!!!

    ★★★Have you ever been confused about remembering lots of account of bank/web site/game/email/computer/e-flow/IM...???

    AccountKeeper is a very useful tool for you to save these accounts. With it you can:
    1. Customize templates for different accounts as you needs;
    2. Select different icons for different kinds of accounts;
    3. Backup your accounts to third-party servers;
    4. Restore your accounts from backup history data;
    5. Great safety for your data since of particular encrpytion tachniques;
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