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    Welcome to MappStream!

    Hello All! I am posting this to both raise awareness and get some initial feedback on a mobile application I've been working on since this past Summer 2013.

    It started literally as a dream I had last winter! By Spring, I made the decision to design and develop it initially for the iPhone/iPad. It should be available for free in the iTunes App Store in the next few weeks as we're currently wrapping up beta testing.


    MappStream is a map-based mobile audio application for iPhone and iPad that lets you either broadcast or listen in on live audio streaming in your local community.

    I designed it to be fast, easy, fun and it will soon be free at the iTunes Store!

    If you are a Broadcaster you simply load the application on your device, enter your location as well as the type of content you wish to broadcast and you're immediately live and on the air.


    If you are a Listener, enter your location, assign a distance radius to search from and then select from any available live audio icons (in green) on the Map Screen. You can even search by subject!

    1) Click once and you see the live audio details pop up
    2) Click twice and you are at the listening screen and hearing what is going on around you!


    That's really the essence of it! Of course an app like this is only useful if a lot of people are using it at once in a local community.

    You will even be able to share and invite friends on Facebook or Twitter to listen in on your live broadcasts! If you're a listener you can also invite these same friends to listen in on what you've just discovered.

    I invite you to try MappStream out for yourselves once it's available!

    Meanwhile, please feel free to check out the sample videos showing MappStream at work (below)!

    And of course whatever initial feedback you might provide would be greatly appreciated. My end goal is to create something that is both cool and useful! Any good ideas I receive will definitely be considered for follow up version releases.

    Thanks for your time!

    Ramin Streets

    Video Presentation Using MappStream to Broadcast Live Audio:

    Video Presentation Using MappStream to Search for Live Audio in your Local Area:
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    Jan 14, 2014
    Chicago, IL
    UPDATE: We are Live!

    ... And we invite you to try MappStream, our live local broadcast audio app for iPhone/iPad out for yourselves!

    It's free at

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