Introducing ShopIt - simple and handy shopping list iPhone app

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    Hi MacRumors Community,

    Introducing ShopIt
    ShopIt is a simple and handy shopping list app inspired by Clear and Mailbox.
    ShopIt - the mobile shopping list app that is concentrated on a state-of-the-art user experience.

    Most shopping list apps are focused on rarely used features like quantity, metric or product's price management. That is why paper list is still the biggest competitor for shopping list apps. But ShopIt is challenging the most fearsome rival with a user-friendly interface, natural swipe gestures, beautiful design and smart time-saving features.

    ShopIt follows best design practices of the iOS 7 and even brings them to iOS 6. Two amazing color themes and carefully crafted flat product icons will make you want to do shopping again and again!

    Price: $0.99
    Designed for: iOS 7
    Launch Date: October 1st, 2013
    iTunes URL:
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