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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by macolyte, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. macolyte macrumors newbie

    Sep 14, 2004
    Hampshire, UK
    Name's Iain and I live in the UK. I'm new here, and I'm new to Macs. I was given an old G4 450Mhz (blue and grey) with Mac OS 9 installed and no mouse or keyboard. I'm pleased to say that it's now working fine with a new Sony DVDROM, two IBM Deskstar HDDs (totalling 80GB) and an additional 128MB of memory cannibalised from an old Pentium/2 PC I built. I've even installed OS X Panther (after a bit of a fight getting the damn box to boot off of the new DVD).

    Anyway, I love this machine! What can I say? OS X rocks my world. At 450MHz, the machine is still quick (as quick as my 1GHz Pentium-based laptop), which is nice. It's now my workstation of choice -- even though I remain an ardent fan of Linux, especially for server applications. I can see why Mac fans enjoy their machines so much.

    Now I have a question: my wife and I have decided that watching 2 hours of telly per week total (Green Wing and Will & Grace) is probably not a great justification for (a) our annual £110 licence fee, and (b) having a TV, VCR and DVD player hogging one whole corner of our lounge -- it's a fricking eyesore! We've decided to reclaim that corner and are looking to buy an entertainment PC we can use as a music centre, home theatre, internet connection and (possibly) games console or a means to connect my XBOX to something.

    It is a question, honestly...

    I was think Hush Technologies PC, but the very thought of another bout of Windows sickens me to the core, while the thought of a Linux build (though more pleasing to the soul) may just turn my hair grey. Nah! I'm thinking Mac with nice wide 30-inch (?) display on the wall where the mirror is. I love iTunes and the DVD player is neat and works well.

    My point is: can anyone recommend a decent setup and can I connect the XBOX (SVHS) to it? Also, are the modern macs quiet, or can they be made quieter?

    Anyway, nice to be here. Jobs is a god, and he made a Mac lover out of me :)

    Tally ho!
  2. yoda13 macrumors 65816


    Sep 26, 2003
    Apple just came out with a thirty inch monitor but it requires a G5 and a really expensive graphics card to use it. Anyway, Apple doesn't make an entertainment PC as such. But if you check here you can find some devices that might give a Mac the capability that you are looking for. Good luck.

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