invalid BS_jmpBoot problem!

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    Mar 14, 2008
    Hi all
    been looking around last nite and today and have found some tips but no solution:

    had a drive power down in the middle of data transfer - likely a bad ps in the enclosure, but while it has done this before, and mounted successfully MANY times, this last time was the cherry - now, it won't mount in either OS's (i have bc installed, XP Pro SP2) and wants to be formatted. Thankfully, i know the data is ok and and am in the process of DRII backup (hoping it works!).

    But when using DU in Tiger, it won't fix it! Not that i really expected it to (usually, when i booted back into Tiger, it would rebuild the desktop file or sumthin' to that effect and it would take a mo' or so to mount)...

    So off, to the interwebz i went - and although i found a bit in this forum or that forum, i did not find my solution! If anyone out there has more exp. in boot sectors (esp. in cross platform sitches) and may have some tips, i'd
    greatly appreciate it! 'sides, i KNOW this can be fixed, i just want to learn HOW, JIC! :D

    the exact wording error: 'invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block ca00ff' and 'volume needs repair' (duh.) - i know that the drive likely needs to be fixed in x86 environment, but ckdsk.exe didn't work (again, i didn't expect it to). I did try a few utils (in part. Partition Table Doctor) in hopes of repairing the boot sector that has gone bad, but with no luck (it couldn't repair it). I'm also thinking it may have something to do with the MBR on the drive (or the version of the BR that stores all the file structure info?)...but am WAY not the ms-dos guy i used to be...

    any help at all is appreciated!

    External: WD 120g, FAT32 (but i thought it was NTFS...)
    MBP, CD, 2.16
  2. yellow Moderator emeritus


    Oct 21, 2003
    Portland, OR
    IIRC, Disk Utility cannot fix FAT formatted drives. And if it was NTFS, OS X cannot write to NTFS drives even if they could fix them.


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