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Discussion in 'iMac' started by jays83, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Feb 1, 2016
    I have an iMac 27" (late 2009 version 11,1) and is had been working just fine. After the hdd went bad I installed a new one and installed El Capitan without any problem. But after I tried to use icloud services it wont work. After some digging it turned out that the serial number is not the same as the bottom of the computer. I found out that the logic board was changed some years ago and they must have entered wrong serial on the new one.

    Is there any way I can change it or somehow trick the system so I can use icloud services?
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    Whomever serviced this unit, replaced the logic board? Yeah, they fornicated the K-9, badly. Any Apple Authorized Service Provider has software that interrogates the unit and displays the serial number. It also provides a register or enter for the serial number.

    My late 2012 displayed "Unavailable" for serial number immediately prior to having the hdd replaced on the recall. The Service Provider connected my unit on intake and I observed as they entered the correct S/N.

    Among the one thing they did correctly, two guys did the deed. One read back the S/N to the other one as the other one was viewing the screen.

    Good luck
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    Nope call apple or an authorized apple repair center.
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    in the system info does it show a serial? If it is unavailable or blank there they could have missed setting a serial altogether. If that is the case you should be able to use the following guide:

    If it is in fact set but wrong, contact Apple as that is your best hope
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    Feb 1, 2016
    Yeah, it has a new serial thats not valid. I've contacted the company who did the service. The problem is that the computer is old but the service itself was made during the the first two years. They looking into a solution here. They must have added totally wrong serial.

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