Inventory of my purchased apps?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by reech, Mar 27, 2011.

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    H'lo all,

    After being asked by Apple to totally restore my ipod Touch to fix a problem, and to omit the backup, and deleting my apps folder (and yes, it worked, and things are groovy again), I've started the long, arduous process of grabbing apps I've purchased back from the store.

    I can grab my purchased app history from inside iTunes, but it's taking a while, I'm going through all my orders over the last few years, and am writing down the names of the apps, then going searching. I emailed Apple to ask if they can simply provide me a spreadsheet or export of the info in my account, but they can't, and have stated that the only way to track down everything you've bought is to go through your orders.

    So, to prevent me - and others - having to do this in future, are there any other apps, or services that can help us take an inventory of what's on our iPod \ iPhone?

    In Android, you've got things like 'appbrain' that inspect and note down what you've got - so come on, there's got to be something much better than that for us!
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    An easy (and free) way to keep up with all your owned (and wanted) Apps is to use AppShopper.
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