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Jul 20, 2011
hello all,

very interesting to read all these posts on lion.

my 2 cents, a small but significant issue, how to invert a finder selection?

i seem to remember, it was only yesterday, you used to hold cmd while selecting to invert the previously highlighted files, now it just moves them.

any answers are much appreciated.



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Jun 15, 2011
Well, I'm not sure if this is the way you wanted but you could select the files that you don't want to be selected (by holding cmd and clicking) and then highlighting the entire folder/directory. This unhighlights all the ones that were highlighted and vice versa. I don't see a situation where I would need it but it would be useful to know how to do it with a shortcut or something.


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Jul 3, 2008
Rockland County, NY
Has anyone figured this out yet?

I've tried all kinds of key-and-click combinations in Finder's List View (which is what I usually use) and NOTHING seems to work. If AmbiguousNinja's method works then I guess I'm not understanding how to do it.

It used to be so simple.
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